The Wechat service platform

The Wechat service platform promotes real-time sharing of conference details through mobile devices. It is also capable of generating customized highlight report and searching key words, therefore maximizing communication efficiency.

A smart synchronizing system:POT

BOARD@POT, a smart synchronizing system, send real-time conference details to the cloud, guaranteeing the immediate synchronization of multiple devices around the world. With the help of the Board@POT, Board@ Brother can project the writings on the board to the big screen, ensuring that everyone in the room, regardless of their location, can clearly see what is on the white board.


  1. Allowing multiple people to access details of the current conference
  2. With Board@ Wechat service platform or our APP, you can quickly record, share, and search conference details
  3. Our hardwares enable the real-time projection on the white board and more special functions

Product content

  1. start a temporary conference

    Open POT to get a random conference number and click to start the conference. Inform participants of the conference number so that they can enter the conference through the Wechat service platform.

    After joining the conference, all participants can press @ to screeshot the conference anytime they want and form their customized report

  2. Stop sharing

    If the conference details are classified, the user can press the “Share” button in POT. When the button turns grey, the sharing of information will stop. Click the button one more time to re-enter the sharing mode

    sharing mode

    stop sharing

  3. White board function

    Double click the middle area of the suspended interface in POT to start the writing function of the white board. With Board@Brother, you can access more functions

    See more Brother functions

  4. Conceal the suspended interface

  5. User levels and permissions

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BOARD@Brother is a perfect tool for conferences and lectures. Placed upon ordinary glass wall or white board, BOARD@Brother can digitalize the traditional writing plane by automatically keeping track of all trajectories and sending them to the cloud or mobile devices. Our advanced recognition algorithm technology further facilitates BOARD@Brother to accurately discern the trajectories of regular markers and erasers. Pressing the @ button, users can get immediate knowledge of the conference, thus recording the whole discussion faster and more accurately.

    Product details

  1. Color Display:

    Haze Gold

    Space Gray

    Universe Black

  2. dimension figure



  3. working scenario

    Discussion mode

    模式特点:when in need of intense brainstorm and discussion, Board@Bother can record any complex writings.

    Speech mode

    BOARD@Brother enables people in big classrooms or conference rooms to see everything on the white board and projection clearly.

  4. Operation Interface

  5. product certification

  6. more parameter

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